Advanced ChemTech

Fine chemicals, custom peptide synthesis and peptide synthesizer sales


Products & Services of Advanced ChemTech

Advanced ChemTech provides fine chemicals to the research and pharmaceutical market, manufacturing and selling raw materials for production of peptides, and offering contract custom peptide synthesis.

The TETRAS provides versatility with ease of use and cost effectiveness by allowing the user the freedom to dictate the chemistry and by using low cost bulk chemicals and consumables

Advanced ChemTech

Founded in 1985, Advanced ChemTech (ACT) is now one of the most well-known providers of fine chemicals to the pharmaceutical market. The Company manufactures and sells amino acid derivatives, synthesis grade resins and high purity reagents, all of which are used as raw materials in the production of peptides. ACT also provides contract custom peptide synthesis from the discovery state through commercial scale production.  ACT is also responsible for the design and manufacture of the industry's most advanced automated peptide synthesizer, TETRAS®

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