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Li and Dragan Named to Lead ACT

Louisville, KY. CreoSalus, Inc. announced Charles Li has been named President/CEO of its  Advanced ChemTech subsidiary. Advanced ChemTech is a respected supplier of fine chemicals to the pharmaceutical industry. Charles has been with Advanced ChemTech for 10 years most recently in the role of international business manager. In this role, Charles was instrumental in marketing the Tetras, the industry’s most advanced automated peptide synthesizer, and expanding Advanced ChemTech’s international footprint. In the fall of 2011 Charles was made acting President/CEO. Under his leadership the business has grown both revenues and profits as well as improved relationships with key customers.

In addition, CreoSalus has named Dragan Ristic, Director of Chemical Operations. Dragan has been with Advanced ChemTech a total of 6 years. As Director of Chemical Operations, Dragan is responsible for process development and production of amino acid derivatives, resins and reagents. Prior to joining Advanced ChemTech, Dragan worked at deCODE Genetics for 10 years and AstraZeneca/Bosnalijek for 11 years providing a leadership role in the organic synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

CreoSalus is a privately held Louisville, Kentucky based life-sciences company with businesses specializing in the development and manufacturing of finished drugs (Thorn BioScience), human medical devices (Occam Design), and fine chemicals (Advanced ChemTech). CreoSalus is Latin for ‘creating good health.’

Creosalus Signs Distribution Agreement with FK Biotech

CreoSalus has entered into a distribution agreement for South America with FK Biotech of Brazil.

Under the terms of the agreement, FK Biotech will distribute Advanced ChemTech’s fine chemical products that includes over 2,500 peptides, reagents, resins, and amino acids in the growing South American market. Advance ChemTech is currently completing a new kilogram scale laboratory and pilot plan to produce more difficult and value added products for strategic customers. In addition to Advanced ChemTech’s fine chemical product, FK Biotech will distribute the Tetras™. The Tetras™, is the only asynchronic, multiple peptide synthesizer in the world. Customers include the National Institute of Health, Harvard University, Yale University, the University of Kentucky, Aleron, Amgen, and Sun Biotech (China). The Tetras™ was developed and is manufactured in Kentucky.

Craig Kalmer, Advanced ChemTech CEO, said, “FK Biotech is a great addition to our distribution network. South America is a small but growing peptide market. In addition to South America, we now have distributors in the key markets of Europe and China.”

FK Biotech focuses on research, development, production and distribution of immunodiagnostics kits and currently has over 70 products on the market. In 1999, FK Biotech became the first Brazilian biotechnology firm to receive venture capital for the development of its innovative technologies. Since then, the company has grown at a steady pace and is considered a pioneering example of a successful biotech start-up in Brazil.

CreoSalus is a privately held Louisville, Kentucky based life-sciences company specializing in the development and manufacturing of finished drugs, human medical devices and fine chemicals. The Company’s three operating businesses all relating to peptides are Advanced ChemTech (fine chemicals), Occam Design (human medical devices), and Thorn BioScience (finished drugs). Thorn BioScience’s products include Sucro Mate™ D – Equine and Sucro Mate™ D – Porcine that regulate the ovulation in mares and sows.