About Us

Serving customers worldwide, CreoSalus, Inc. is committed to becoming a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. CreoSalus Pharmaceutical companies include Thorn BioScience, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company; and Advanced ChemTech, provider of fine chemicals and contract custom peptide synthesis and synthesizers designed specifically for peptides. The CreoSalus Medical Devices division consists of Occam Design, which develops and manufactures quality medical devices.

CreoSalus’ facilities are located in Louisville, Kentucky. We are committed to U.S. manufacturing to ensure the quality and traceability our customers demand.

CreoSalus, Inc.
1044 East Chestnut Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40204
Phone: 502.515.1100
Fax: 502.315.3201

5609 Vern Valley Road
Louisville, KY 40228
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